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The Truth of the Fitness Industry

Another day and another pile of ridiculous posts by certain fitness influencers who use marketing tools to promote unhealthy body images and eating disorders.

I'm so disappointed in certain fitness influencers who for example will label a workout:

'Get rid of your ankles today!'

'Burn fat from inner thighs only!'

'Cheat day today buzzzzinggg!'

'No carb workout!'

'Get rid of the lower belly fat'

As soon as I see slogans like this I unfollow and ignore, but it took me years to learn that these false promises, false ideas of a healthy body and false knowledge of fitness are not real. I learnt that hip dips are natural, your inner thighs store natural fat and that's okay, that the 'cheat days' slogan is filled with the pushing of binge eating which is unhelpful for people with eating disorders and creates the idea that certain foods are 'bad'. I learnt cabs are good for you and fuel your body, I learnt that women naturally store lower belly fat to protect our womb.'

I tell my clients that with training and getting a handle of using nutrition for happiness and health you can build strength, build muscle, build a growth mindset and improve your mental health. But remember to encourage my clients that your body does so much for you and to embrace it as well. It's so difficult to encourage people that fitness is a slow journey, that my way is based on balance and the change of mindset. My approach encourages you to love yourself and your body, to laugh a lot with me and to use the sessions to vent, rant, laugh, cry and mostly importantly enjoy it. I am still on the journey with you, and still struggle day to day with my body but that's okay because each day I learn a little bit more to love it and to take care of it more and more. That's the truth.

The fitness influencers who make you feel shit about yourself, who pose to much and make you compare yourself, who make you feel like you can't do certain things, eat certain things and encourage unhealthy relationships with fitness and food... unfollow!!

You are worth a lot more than just the shape of your body.


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