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How to Grow the Booty

Growing the peach 🍑

Many of you ask me how to grow the glutes and simply it can be done in these 8 steps.

1. PROTEIN is the key nutritional aspect of your daily food. Food equals growth!

2. Hip thrust everytime you train legs... everytime.

3. When I say variety I mean - work with the 3 main components of movement while training legs - lunge, squat and hinge. Accessory work is key to that extra pump and intensity that can help grow the 3 muscles of your glutes.

4. Everytime you train, you need to warm up. When you train legs to get optimal results make sure you activate the glutes - sitting on them most of the day means they need more activating then any other muscle group.

5. Muscle to mind connection simply means connecting your mind to the muscle you’re training - focus the tension of the chosen area.

6. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.... the most important aspect. Turn up 95% of the time and the results will folllow.

7. The key to growth of muscle is progressive overload which means aiming to gradually increase stress on your muscles via reps, sets, TUT, tempo, weight, rest times etc etc etc

8. Patience is key! Most of the transformations you see on Instagram are people who train 4-6 times a week and have been training 3 years+. My growth took 2 years to really see and my journey isn’t over, be patient and let the results come in.

I can help you grow the peach, tone the peach and keep the peach strong. Like a little seed - look after it by watering it everyday, making sure the conditions are right, be patient and eventually it’ll grow to be a strong tree 🍑Look after your peach and it’ll look after you 😂🍑


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