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Action Isn't Just the Effect of Motivation; It's Also The Cause of It.

There is one book everyone needs to read and it’s Mark Mansons - The subtle art of not giving a fuck.

What a book.

Life changing.

One of the best quotes is the one above. It applies to every aspect of challenging yourself to do something new - try first and then watch the motivation. Even if you aren’t sure, aren’t motivated, or the mindset isn’t quite there just by trying something it can bring on the motivation you were originally looking for.

Action can be the consequence of motivation, action can spark a new love of something, can spark a new mindset and spark a new challenge you want to participate in.

The same can be with training, you might think ‘let me wait til this scenario is over... let me wait til after Christmas... let me wait til Monday... let me do this first and then I can train... let me wait til I actually give a fuck and get to a point I’m not happy with myself to actually spark some action.’

Don’t wait, try it now. The action you take today sparks the actions you take tomorrow, and all of a sudden you have created a new habit, created a new situation you enjoy, and create a new form of happiness for yourself.

Take action today to start looking after you. The less action, the less motivation.

It really is in your hands what you do. You are the main aspect of change. Support is useful, but really you are the instigator of action. Try training with me today, because one session could spark the motivation you need to make a change.


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