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Why choose It's On - Strength & Fitness?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Why choose It’s On - Strength & Fitness?

* I own a private fully equipped PT Studio, which means you can train in an environment free of judgement and in complete privacy.

* I approach everything with your mental and physical health in mind, with many of my clients finding training with me is a form of therapy to them.

* My prices are extremely affordable and competitive as I believe that PT sessions shouldn't be a luxury only for the wealthy.

* I continue to research and take courses to expand and improve on my existing knowledge, making sure I adapt and learn and bring that to our sessions and my social media.

* I believe in making sure every client is treated with respect and dignity.

* I believe in an approach based solely on balance, simple science and not selling you pipe dreams. I don't believe in any shakes, powders and pills. I believe in good mental health, enjoying your food and enjoying life. No food is banned, no food is called 'bad' and there's no cheat day because you can enjoy food everyday without demonising it.

* I prioritise strength training - a type of training that is the key to the 'toned' look desired and is the ultimate training type.

* Being a PT isn't just a job for me, its my life. I'm hugely passionate about improving every single one of my clients health and fitness. I look to make sure my clients receive science based information, with pseudoscience thrown out of the window.

If you feel that these points hit the spot for you, send me a message 🍑


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