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Client Acknowledgment!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Client Transformation...

Well it’s not one because I don’t believe in comparing pictures of clients, comparing timelines of progress, and comparing differences in their body when the whole process is so much more than that.

What I thought I’d do is a acknowledgment of my clients whether they are anonymous or tagged. A weekly post to show changes they undergoing both physically and mentally, and what’s next in their personal journey. No journey is ever finished, and a side by side picture makes people think that 8 weeks is enough to finish a lifetimes journey of self discovery and fitness... 😂😂😂

So here is 1.

A client who I met 3 months has made one of the biggest progressions I’ve ever seen. He didn’t know if I trained males or not until he overheard me one day training another male client.

Mentally I could tell he wasn’t quite there, his body confidence was low and even after having a gastric bypass we had many discussions about loose skin and how it made him feel.

At the start I could tell he was nervous and thought because he was male he should of been lifting heavier then what he was, but he had a strong mental resilience and determination and pushed through each session.

Each week passed and I could see the confidence flowing off him. The weights started lifting easier and easier, and from beginning at simple exercises we are now moving on to more complex lifts. He listens so carefully to what I’m saying, and his concentration on getting the form right is amazing.

We still have a way to go, and his journey is far from over but to see this new confidence that flows off him now makes my job worth it’s weight in gold. It all boils down to how determined he is, how consistent he has been with attending 3 times a week and coming to sessions even when he’s had a tough day at work. He has worked hard for his new physique, works hard on his nutritional intake and works hard on keeping a good and positive mindset even on the toughest days.

I’m so proud of you! So keep kissing that new bicep muscle you have every-time I see you 😘

Let’s get that first pull up under our belt before Christmas ❄️❤️ @twh_ldn


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