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About Me

Train for your Mental & Physical Health 

I am a 26 year-old Personal Trainer on a mission.

The mission is simple - to help every client I come across feel more confident in themselves, feel fitter, feel stronger, plus a peachy arse alongside.

The mission stems from years of no confidence, low self-esteem, eating disorders, mental health problems and a lack of any understanding and routine within training and nutrition. Only in the last 4 years have I regained control of my life, found purpose and created a mindset that pushes me to challenge myself and be disciplined. 

When I first went to the gym at 18 years old I had no clue what I was doing, no knowledge of progressive overload, did not change what I ate, spent hours running on cardio machines and went to 100s of 'cardio' classes. Nothing I did over these years changed my body, changed my mindset, changed my mental health. Only until I began strength training and really looked at what I was eating did I see any real changes.

From my years of experience in mental health recovery, strength training and training clients my approach is based on gaining mental and physical strength, completing training goals and finding balance in your life.

Balance and consistency is the only key to a happy life of loving your body and yourself. 

I offer my clients a secure, safe place - free of judgement, free of discrimination and free from the constraints that a public gym can hold. I offer a space of comfort - a place for you to train with me without feeling watched and judged. My gym is private, full equipped and fully insured. 

My service offers a full comprehensive training programme personalised to you - with face to face training, a free app providing a place to set up a profile with training plans and nutritional guidance plus classes coming very soon! 

I am taking on clients for the following services:

- Face to Face Personal Training.

- Pre & Post Natal Clients interested in Strength Training and General Fitness.

- Services include Full Body Massage, or Back, Neck & Shoulders or just Back only. A deeply relaxing experience which helps promote blood circulation, relief muscle tension and helps promote a good sense of well-being 


- Boxing, Core & Kettlebell Classes 

- Pre Natal Classes 


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Based in Welling, South East London & Kent


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