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Train For Your Mental & Physical Health.

Personal training sessions based in Welling, South East London & Kent


Hello, I'm Louise

I'm a 26-year-old Personal Trainer with a clear mission: to empower my clients to feel more confident, fitter, and stronger, while achieving their fitness goals, including that coveted peachy bum.

My journey to this mission began with overcoming years of low confidence, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, and mental health struggles. In the past four years, I've regained control of my life, established purpose, and cultivated a disciplined mindset.

My initial lack of fitness knowledge and misguided training led to no noticeable changes in my body or mental health. Only when I embraced strength training and focused on nutrition did I witness transformative results.

Drawing on my experiences in mental health recovery and training, I advocate for a balanced approach to achieve both mental and physical strength. I believe that balance and consistency are the keys to a joyful life where you love your body and yourself.

My personal journey involved overcoming misconceptions about fitness, such as the belief that cardio and restrictive eating were the norm. The turning point came when I saw a strong, confident woman in the weights room, inspiring me to pursue strength training. This decision not only transformed me physically but also mentally, instilling newfound confidence.

Now, as a Personal Trainer, I am dedicated to helping others experience this positive transformation. My goal is to make exercise enjoyable, build confidence, and highlight the transformative power of strength training – both aesthetically and mentally.


I know first-hand how this journey can change lives, and I'm eager to guide you on your path to a stronger, fitter, and more confident you.

What My Clients Say

I have been training with Louise for over 3 months, and from the beginning, she put me at ease straight away. I have not only gained strength but I have built muscles I never knew I had. She has also helped me to gain body confidence that I never had, and a bum that's starting to look peachy!

Sheree H

It's been a long while since I have felt this good mentally and physically. Lou is very understanding and knowledgeable. After having knee surgery 18 months ago Lou realised and research the exercises that would help benefit my recovery. Such a lovely girl. Thank you, Lou.

Pete H

I have seen a lot of progress from my sessions with Lou. I have much better balance, my mindset and mental health feel better after my sessions and I have seen progress in my image as well. I feel very comfortable with her in the sessions and I would absolutely recommend her to everyone.

Beth A

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