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I have been training with Louise for over 3 months, and from the beginning, she put me at ease straight away. I have not only gained strength but I have built muscles I never knew I had. She has also helped me to gain body confidence that I never had, and a bum that's starting to look peachy!

Sheree H.

It's been a long while since I have felt this good mentally and physically. Lou is very understanding and knowledgeable. After having knee surgery 18 months ago Lou realised and research the exercises that would help benefit my recovery. Such a lovely girl. Thank you, Lou.

Pete H.

I have seen a lot of progress from my sessions with Lou. I have much better balance, my mindset and mental health feel better after my sessions and I have seen progress in my image as well. I feel very comfortable with her in the sessions and I would absolutely recommend her to everyone.

Beth A.

Lou has not only given me the motivation to make a positive change to my mental health, lifestyle and diet but made me finally see that I can change the way I look and to get the body I've always wanted. So thank you, Lou! Only you could have turned this marshmallow into a sexy confident woman!

Scarlett M.

I would like to tell the world how brilliant my PT Trainer has been for me in my life... i came to her a broken woman and come out feeling strong and healthy now. My arse is peachy, i've lost some weight and finally feeling the confident i should of felt years ago. Couldn't recommend enough.

Samantha G.

Working with Louise has been fantastic. Really easy to work with especially with my initial anxieties about personal training. She pushes me to do more than what I think i can do but in such a supportive way.

Julie A.

I've never had a personal trainer before and was excited to give it a go. Louise is an amazing person that makes me laugh at every session but also pushes me to my limits and encourages me to do better every time. I look forward to every session and have seen great results that i could not achieve on my own, I also feel I have found a good friend in Louise.

Hermione N.

Since joining lous sessions not only have I felt strong and more confident in my body but it has also massively helped with my mental health, I feel refreshed and motivated through the week, I noticed a huge difference whilst not training over the third lockdown! I was very anxious joining but louise has made me feel so comfortable espeically in using equipment, she is not only an amazing pt who pushes me when needed! but she is also a great friend is always there to support me.

Essien N.

Extremely professional with incredible knowledge about fitness as a whole. I could not be happier with my decision to start with her. She has had such a positive impact on me physically and mentally and helped me create routine and understanding when it  comes to strength and fitness. Her personality shines through we have so much fun during sessions, laughing jokes and chatting about everything humanely possible in an hour and she's incredibly understanding and supportive.

Charlotte W.

I highly recommend Louise!! When I first started training with Louise I hadn't a clue how to exercise properly. But with her help I quickly improved week by week. I looked forward to my sessions with her because she has the ability to make exercising fun. I would highly recommend Louise to anyone looking for a highly qualified personal trainer. She gave me the confidence I needed and she showed that a healthy lifestyle can be interesting and fun.

David J.

I started with Lou back in July 2021 initially to get myself into shape for my wedding in 2022. After trying to motivate myself to run, train in the gym etc, and failed miserably I decided it was time to train with a PT, and choosing Lou was one of my greatest life decisions. I generally do not look forward to exercise but find Lou's sessions engaging, encouraging, motivational and most of all I can see a difference in myself with my body shape, strength and general overall fitness. i cannot recommended Lou enough and I will be carrying on with Lou for the foreseeable future.

Kristy H.

Love training with Louise! She's helping me get fitter & stronger. Can't thank her enough for that! And Louise is a lovely person - sweet, considerate, supportive & friendly. She's a great personal trainer and I really enjoy my sessions with her. Highly recommend her!

Nootan M.

Lou was recommended to me by a friend. Having never had a personal trainer before I wasn't sure what to expect. 8 months on and I have finally found exercise that I really enjoy. I train with Lou twice a week and love our sessions. I can't imagine a life without eating healthily and training now, and I never thought I would be that person! Lou has changed my whole mindset and I am so glad we met!

Emma V.

What can I say. Great PT. Great Instructor. Great Gym. Louise puts up with all my moans and groans and motivates me though. I am doing exercises that I never thought I could do. Louise is a fabulous addition to my life not only in her excellent PT(ing) for which this 55 year old is toning up nicely (keeping her small(ish) bum) but she has become a great friend. Thanks Louise x

Carron W.

I started strength training with Louise at the beginning of the year and have had a great experience. Clear guidance, great encouragement and useful feedback. Louise provides advice on nutrition and diet as well as general well-being. I always feel challeneged in the sessions and leave with a sense of achievement. I feel stronger, fitter and healthier. Highly recommended.

Helen L.

Massive shoutout to the lovely Louise. Struggled this year finding out I am suffering with menopause, PCOS, and then Type 2 Diabetes. All a shock to the system and a massive kick up the arse that I needed. My friend recommended Louise. After a few texts, she managed to find 2/3 slots a week for me. Ever since my first consultation, she has pushed me and made me laugh in equal amounts. Now over a stone and a half down, blood sugars okay-ish. I may spend all my sessions swearing at her, and the next day not being able to walk, but I bloody love it and I wouldn't be without her.

Claire L.

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