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About Me.

My journey didn't come easy to me - I spent a long time believing that only endless hours of cardio, starving myself, and hating every moment of exercise - I believed this was completely normal. I didn't think strength training was a 'female' thing to do, plus the gym weights rooms were always filled with men so put me off going in there. My food was all over the place, with one day eating super healthy and next binging out when I was stressed and not in a good place - so then starving myself again. I knew something had to change and then it did when  I saw a woman in the weights room one day - looking strong, curvy, and confident and I wanted that. So I worked for it - I found myself stronger, fitter, mentally better, and with a newfound sense of confidence. I want to pass this feeling on to as many men and women as I can, and that's the reason I became a PT. It was the perfect opportunity to get people to enjoy exercise, build confidence, and show the power that strength training gives to you - aesthetically and mentally. 

It changed my life drastically, and I know it will change yours. 

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